Here at Glued Pistons, we believe a Car is more than just a metal box with four wheels that helps you get around. As a dedicated team of automobile-addicts we know that your much-loved machine is so much more than this. It’s a vessel for creating memories that acts as an extension of yourself. So why not immortalize it forever in a way that helps you capture these memories long after your Cars sell-by date?

We are a small team of expert designers who wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary for Car-Enthusiasts. We help you imprint your Car onto a range of merchandise and accessories. The entire process is highly-personalized, from you sending in a photo of your Car, to us creating the artwork and printing it onto one of our hand-tailored products, Posters, Phone Decals and Stickers.

Teamed with a boundless passion for what we do, Glued Pistons endeavour to create something that’ll bring a smile to your face. Our one-to-one customer experience ensures you get your Artwork perfect, just the way you want it. We will work directly with you, sending the Artwork back and forth until it’s just right.

Everything is custom-made on the spot by our tight-knit team with the aim of creating you a timeless keep-safe that can be treasured just as much as your Car.

Send in a photo of your Car today and find out how we can help immortalize it forever with a professional & unique Artwork.